Frequently Asked Questions

When does your book come out?

MEET ME IN ANOTHER LIFE is out now in North America! In the UK and the rest of the Commonwealth, it will be released on 8th July, 2021. See the Books page for more information and order/preorder links.

How do you pronounce your name?

Basically like "Katrina". The o is an illusion. If you know IPA, kə'tɹiːnə or kə'tɾinə is about right. If you don't know IPA, this video should help!

Catriona is a fairly common name in my generation in Scotland - when I was in the Folk Society at Edinburgh Uni, I was one of four! The usual way it gets mispronounced, particularly in England/the US where the name is less common, is katɹi'əʊnə / kætɹi'oʊnə.

Why do you sound English / Scottish / Irish / American / Canadian / weird?

I was born in Scotland to Scottish parents, but we moved to England when I was six years old. Because I was a strange child with few friends, I managed to hold on to some of my accent. Since then, I've lived about half my life in England and half in Scotland, with a few years in the USA (and a marriage to a Greek who sounds like he's from Surrey) thrown in just to confuse things further. At this point, my accent is irredeemably broken and I just have to live with it.

I'm confused - I was looking for a scientific paper about categories / language development / word meanings. Where did I go wrong?

You are probably looking for my academic website. If you're into Python and R scripts, you may also enjoy my Github. As of May 2021, I have left academia - however, these sites will stay up as I work on some ongoing projects.

I contacted you using the form on your Contact page, but you never replied!

The form stopped sending me emails at some point between December 2019 and April 2021 (yes, I am an extremely professional web designer). I only realised when it occurred to me that I hadn't received any spam for a suspiciously long time... If you contacted me during this period, I likely never got your message! The new version of the form should now work, thanks to the tireless efforts of my assistant webmaster.